Powder Coating

Note: Due to increased commercial demand, custom and small batch orders are now processed one weekend per month.  Pieces can be dropped off the week of and will typically be ready for pickup the following Monday. Please call the office to be placed on next cycle's list.


Phone: (540) 985-9513



1) Pretreatment of the surface to be coated: Steel shot in our media blaster strips the surface of all contaminants      including rust and old layers of paint and powder.

2) Application of primer: A zinc-rich primer coats the pretreated surface.

3) Application of powder: Dry powder is applied electrostatically to the primed surface.

4) Surface Curing: Your piece will then be exposed to elevated temperatures in our oven to harden and dry.



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If you would prefer a different color, please visit the following sites and we will have it shipped for your order.